InFocus Clinical Project Managers, Clinical Research Monitors and administration have worked for and with sponsor companies and CROs large and small, offering a unique and invaluable experience and insight. Clinical Research Professionals bring their unique and tremendous experience to InFocus Clinical because or our commitment to and reputation of offering the highest quality clinical research services.


Phase IInFocus Clinical Research has a proven and committed group of phase I sites pre-qualified to execute on your Phase I needs.

Additionally, InFocus Clinical Research specializes in providing clinical study expertise for the management of your Phase I trials. Regardless of your Phase I study type: first time in human, a dose tolerance study, a food effect study, a Pharmacokinetic (PK) study or a Pharmacodynamic (PD) study, our experienced staff can work with you to ensure:

  • The Phase I center and personnel are trained on conducting the trial.
  • The appropriate regulatory documentation is collected and maintained.
  • Clinical data are being collected using Good Clinical Practices.
  • Adherence to study protocol.
  • Safety data are being collected and reported to regulatory agencies

Through our extensive Phase I experience, we have found that PK trials demand an additional level of expertise because of their uniqueness and complexity. In addition to the standard activities performed on other phase I studies such as verifying informed consent, protocol compliance, AE reporting, and investigational product handling, PK studies also require: 

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Study drug administration is monitored for compliance. Dosing for PK studies is critical to the success of the Phase I trial as it sets the stage for all events that occur in the specified period of the study. An error in the administration of the drug can cause issues in the accuracy of the sample collection so great care must be taken with study drug administration.

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Sample collection and handling procedures must be in place and must be followed to ensure the timely collection of samples for PK analysis. Capturing of samples for PK analysis is critical to finding the representative PK sampling concentrations and comparing to other results.

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Ensuring that the medical record, sample, and study documentation match each sample that is collected, processed, and shipped for analysis. An error in this processing may cause profound issues with the analysis of the data.

InFocus Clinical Research will provide monitoring services to ensure your Phase I study is being conducted according to the protocol and local regulations. To facilitate these services in a timely and cost-effective manner, our monitoring staff is located throughout the country near most Phase I facilities. This regionalized model, combined with our experience with and knowledge of the core ophthalmology phase I centers enables InFocus Clinical Research to quickly respond and provide results to our client needs.

InFocus Clinical Research always customizes solutions to our partners study specifications in to increase efficiency and productivity. The InFocus Clinical Research study team is directed by the InFocus Clinical Research project manager who becomes an extension of your internal team in order to make the communications link direct, concise, and effective.