InFocus Clinical staffing solutions assures you have the most knowledgeable, respected and committed ophthalmology focused clinical research professionals executing your project. Using the ophthalmology knowledge, insight and experience of InFocus Clinical staffing gives your project or team the best chance to meet or exceed enrollment and project milestones.
InFocus Clinical provides complete monitoring and / or management staffing for pharmaceutical and biotech partners large and small – augmenting existing staff, flex staffing acute project needs as well as managing complete clinical monitoring teams.


The mission of InFocus Clinical Staffing is aligned with our corporate vision, coalescing the best and brightest ophthalmology clinical research professionals, giving the products of our partners the best possible chance to be successful.


InFocus Clinical revolutionized the clinical development process, heeding the call to provide therapeutically focused, trained and committed staffing. Our methods provide staff that are not just therapeutically focused on your study but committed to being the most knowledgeable, respected, efficient and effective ophthalmology teams.

Our ophthalmology focus and training gives projects an optimal opportunity to meet or exceed recruitment and execution timelines. Our ophthalmology commitment, experience and consistent exposure to your sites ensures superior responsiveness and stronger relationships with your critical allies – sites and investigators.


InFocus Clinical goes above and beyond historical training, orientation, continuing education and expectations. InFocus Clinical has built a proprietary training platform that ensures your ophthalmology staff are the most knowledgeable, efficient, committed and respected ophthalmology clinical research professionals. This breeds seemless integration, stronger relationships with sites, superior responsiveness and optimal recruitment of your protocols. Our training platform includes:

  • Quarterly KOL-led topics of interest
  • Annual ophthalmology equipment, diagnostic and testing updates
  • Annual GCP training
  • Opportunities to engage KOLs and expand knowledge with Town Hall meetings
  • Support for continuing education and attendance at industry meetings