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Achieve Clinical Trial Efficiency With The Right CRO

Choosing the right Clinical Research Organization (CRO) is a critical decision for any pharmaceutical company. The selected CRO can significantly impact the success of your clinical trials and, ultimately, the time-to-market for your drug candidates. But with a sea of options, what should you focus on when evaluating a CRO? Here are key considerations to ensure you make the best choice:

The Unique Benefits of Working with a Specialty Retina CRO

Clinical research is a significant element of healthcare development, and the field of ophthalmology, specifically retinal disorders, is no exception. With the proliferation of ground-breaking research into retinal diseases like age-related macular degeneration (AMD), geographic atrophy, diabetic macular edema, and inherited retinal disorders, the need for expertise in this complex arena is ever-growing. That’s where we, as a retina-specialized Clinical Research Organization (CRO), enter the picture.

Endogena Finalizes Enrollment for Retinitis Pigmentosa Trial

Matthias Steger, CEO at Endogena Therapeutics, reflected: “Getting this far in a remarkably short time is testament to the outstanding execution of our clinical team in collaboration with InFocus Clinical Research.

Nanoscope Therapeutics Unveils Clinical Trial Results for MCO-010 in Treating Stargardt Disease

Nanoscope Therapeutics Inc., a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on gene therapies for retinal degenerative diseases, presented key results from its Phase 2 clinical trial, STARLIGHT, at the American Society of Retina Specialists (ASRS) annual meeting in Seattle last week. The trial evaluated the effects of their novel therapeutic, MCO-010, for patients with Stargardt disease, a condition currently lacking available treatments.


The InFocus Clinical Advantage

The unique positioning of InFocus Clinical, as founded by USRetina, ensures rapid integration of your protocol with KOLs, key enrolling sites and, ultimately, the greatest possible exposure of your product throughout development. The InFocus Scientific Advisory Board is comprised of the most proven and respected retina specialists. The fact InFocus is not just therapeutically aligned but focused, with proprietary and unprecedented staff training, ensures our staff are the most knowledgeable and your product is developed with superior efficiency and commitment.

With all of these elements, InFocus Clinical assures an unparalleled quality, integrity, flexibility, knowledge, experience, insight and responsiveness to the needs of a protocol or drug development program large or small.

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Founded by retina KOLs to serve an ever- widening gap between CROs and pioneers in retina therapeutic research both large and small.


Our executive team has over 100 years in the clinical drug development space and we are the only CRO with a retina specialist on staff and a retina-specialty Scientific Advisory Board.


Clinical trials are more complicated and costly than ever.  Our experience and focus makes the impossible possible.


InFocus Clinical Operations

We assure an unparalleled quality, integrity, flexibility, knowledge, experience, insight, and responsiveness to the needs of a protocol or drug development program, large or small. Learn a little more about what we can offer you.

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To Say

“InFocus is the only clinical development partner that could maintain budgets and timelines as well as leverage their relationships to ensure our small project was accepted and onboarded with key opinion leaders.”

– Doug Foster (Co-Founder, CEO)

“The most refreshing thing about InFocus, aside from their extensive retina experience, is they truly understand the balancing act and unusual needs of an emerging biotech company. InFocus is flexible, and able to meet tight timelines, unusual demands and provide significant value that is evident to our teams and, critically, to our investors.”

– Samar Mohanty (Co-Founder, CSO)

“CMC Turnkey Solutions, LLC has worked with InFocus Clinical Research on multiple clinical studies. The level of involvement from all departments and from executive leadership is a clear testament to their passion and commitment to their clients. It has been a pleasure working with this organization and we look forward to working with them on future studies. .”

– Audrey Schupp (Founder, CEO)

“InFocus is a committed partner who has been instrumental in helping us achieve our enrollment targets and manage critical study timelines. Their dedication and hard work are truly commendable.”

– Matthias Steger (Founder, CEO)

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