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Clinical research is a significant element of healthcare development, and the field of ophthalmology, specifically retinal disorders, is no exception. With the proliferation of ground-breaking research into retinal diseases like age-related macular degeneration (AMD), geographic atrophy, diabetic macular edema, and inherited retinal disorders, the need for expertise in this complex arena is ever-growing. That’s where we, as a retina-specialized Clinical Research Organization (CRO), enter the picture. At InFocus Clinical, we believe our specialized services provide a critical advantage in clinical trials for retinal diseases.

Specialized Expertise and Equipment

The retina is a complex and delicate part of the eye, and diseases affecting it require a specialized approach. Clinical trials targeting these diseases require not just a general understanding of the eye, but an in-depth knowledge of retinal pathology and the latest advancements in treatment. Our team at InFocus Clinical is composed of professionals with considerable experience in ophthalmology, specifically retina diseases. Their therapeutic alignment with this specialty ensures the highest level of expertise in managing and monitoring clinical trials.

The equipment used in retinal disease research also requires specialist knowledge. From optical coherence tomography to fundus photography, our team is fully versed in the latest technologies and techniques. We are not just familiar with this equipment, but we also understand how to interpret the data and images they produce, which is crucial for the effective management of clinical trials.

Therapeutically Trained Staff

At InFocus Clinical, we invest heavily in our team. Each member is therapeutically trained in the latest advances of retinal disease treatment and management. This means that they are fully equipped to provide the support needed for the design, execution, and analysis of retina-specific clinical trials. By having a team that is continually updated with the latest research and advancements, we ensure that our clients have access to the most current and innovative practices in the field.

Proprietary RTI Database

Data is the cornerstone of every clinical trial. At InFocus Clinical, we’ve developed a proprietary Real-Time Intelligence (RTI) database which tracks enrolment, contract negotiation, and start-up timelines for more than 400 global retina research sites. This unique resource provides invaluable insights into the operational efficiency of these sites, which aids in identifying and selecting the most suitable venues for each specific trial. Furthermore, it provides real-time monitoring and tracking of study progress, thereby enhancing trial management.

Efficiency in Trial Design, Subject Recruitment, and Execution

The primary goal of any CRO is to facilitate successful and efficient clinical trials. At InFocus Clinical, our retina-focused model allows for greater efficiency at every stage of a clinical trial, from initial design through to final execution. Our specialized staff, coupled with our extensive database of research sites, enables us to design robust, accurate trials. Our deep relationships with top retina sites and key opinion leaders worldwide aid in fast and effective subject recruitment. Finally, our dedicated teams work tirelessly to ensure seamless trial execution, ensuring quality data collection and integrity.

Digital Tools and Integrated Payment Solutions

In the modern age, embracing technology is not an option, it’s a necessity. We utilize an array of digital tools to streamline the clinical trial process, including online study portals, microsite development, and mobile app development. Our proprietary CTMS/eTMF platform, eVision, designed specifically for the ophthalmology space, offers a user-friendly and efficient platform for data management. Furthermore, we provide integrated payment solutions that offer seamless financial transactions, reducing administrative burden and increasing overall trial efficiency.

While any CRO can manage a clinical trial, a retina specialty CRO like InFocus Clinical offers unparalleled benefits. Our specialized expertise, therapeutically trained staff, proprietary RTI database, efficient trial design, and cutting-edge digital tools combine to provide a unique and advantageous platform for sponsors developing novel treatments for retinal diseases. With InFocus Clinical, you are not just choosing a CRO, but a partner dedicated to advancing ophthalmology therapeutic development with quality, efficiency, and innovation.